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Become the MAN the world has been waiting for!

Connect with a community of Chattanooga men who turn up and support one another with weekly men's circles.

Healthy Masculinity was never taught to us!

Men have spent their entire lives being policed and told what it means to "Be a man." 

 From kindergarten all the way to the highest levels of government and business, men have been confined and forced into a narrow definition of what "Being a man" is actually about.

These messages have left men feeling alone, disconnected, and unsure of how to embrace their manhood in a healthy way. 

Men Who Chatt Was Created To Give Chattanooga Men An Opportunity To Redefine Their Manhood While Being Witnessed, Heard, and Supported Through Life's Many Ups and Downs. 


Our Commitment

We honor and stand with all men of difference as a community committed to ending male loneliness and isolation by embodying healthy masculinity and healing the hearts of men.

*We are not affiliated with any religious organization

or belief system.*

How Being Part of a Community
Changes Men's Lives

Greater Accountability

When it comes to becoming a man that follows through on their commitments, there is nothing more powerful than having a group of men who care about you enough to keep you accountable and hold you to your word.

Provides a Safe & Supportive Space

Connecting with other men who are on a similar journey can be incredibly empowering and uplifting. For this to happen psychological safety is paramount. However, don't confuse safety with "Comfort."

Offers Opportunities for Growth & Learning

Through our circles, workshops, and weekend training adventures, we offer opportunities for men to learn new skills, gain new insights, and grow as individuals.

Helps You Awaken to Your True Power

Through our community, you can connect with your inner strength, discover your true purpose, and awaken to your full potential.

Pillars Of 
Men Who Chatt


We honor and stand with all men from any background as a community committed to ending male loneliness and isolation.


We commit to hold one another to a higher standard which involves staying true to and honoring the agreements we make with ourselves and others. 


Without judgment, we honor and recognize that each man has their own life experiences and encourage them to embrace what makes them different and unique.

Holding Space

We are here to witness and honor exactly where a man is in their life while challenging them to step into their fullest potential. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

Contact Brandon

+1 423-321-2749

Men Who Chatt
Ground Rules

1. Confidentiality

What is said in the circle of a personal nature stays here. No man can disclose the intimate details of another man's experience outside of the circle.

2. Sobriety

When you arrive to circle you are doing so completely free from any mind-altering substances (Alcohol, THC, Delta 8, Medications NOT prescribed to you etc.). We commit to the entire day prior to circle to remain free from any of the aforementioned substances. 

3. Be Open ("Try On")

Be open to information. Listen carefully to it. We're not asking you to accept everything you hear. Just take it in.

4. No Blame or Shame

No discounting of other men's experiences. How can I shame or blame myself or you for attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs supported systemically over long periods of time by cultures and institutional structures? 

5. We Can Agree to Disagree

It is OK to see and hold a difference in our thoughts and beliefs. Hold differences gracefully. Don't be afraid of conflict; it is a necessary and acceptable part of the learning process. Conflict doesn't have to stop dialogue.

6. No Fixing Men

Men naturally want to solve one another's challenges and issues. True action and responsibility comes when a man can realize their own solutions and take ownership toward remedying them. 

7. Self-Focus ("I-Statements")

Focus on what's going on with you. Use "I-statements" not (You/We/They). This is particularly important in multicultural discussions, as it is easy for people to speak of "those people" and make judgments about others. 

8. Honor the Speaker

Focus on who is speaking. Do not interrupt. Try not to plan what you want to say before you really HEAR what the speaker is sharing. This is the art of true listening. 

9. Watch for Intention vs. Impact

Often, my words create impacts that were unintended, especially in cross-cultural interactions. Becoming aware of my unintended impacts is a great way to become aware of my blind spots. 


When you join this circle, you commit to changing the behaviors and actions that no longer serve you. You will be challenged to play an active role in improving your life circumstances instead of playing a supporting role in someone else's life. 

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