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How to become a 'Super Ally!'

The World needs ALLIES more than ever right now.

We are bearing witness to the greatest pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918, and the Mass Media is doing everything in their power to make you ANGRY about it.

Which, in my judgment, is taking away our attention from all of the INCREDIBLE examples all over the World of humanity coming together to support one another.

People are giving the clothes off of their backs without giving a flying F### how the recipient voted during the last presidential election.

Media is trying to make us focus on the absolute WRONG metrics right now and keep us polarized rather than bring us together.

I, for one with fight ardently to ensure that examples and stories of extraordinary kindness and humanity are what we choose to focus on.

For that reason, here are my three tips for becoming a "Super Ally" to your fellow human.<3


Like any relationship, keeping a strong bond with your allies will require commitment, trust, and unwavering support. These three tips will ensure that you and your allies stick together through thick and thin...

  1. Make Clear Agreements: One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to create agreements with your allies. Think of allies as "Accountability Buddies" who are going to remind you of the agreements you made. If your mission is to run a full marathon, an example could be: "I am going to text Tiffany every time I complete a training run. And if I don't, I will have to film myself do 100 burpees as a penalty." Tiffany may get a lot of joy by holding your feet to the fire when you fail to keep your agreement.

  2. Share your Wins & Losses: As we stated in Stage One, no journey is perfect, and so it's essential to lean on your allies for support when times get tough as well as when things go well. The worst mindset you can adopt during any mission is one of "I will be happy WHEN I achieve "XYZ." Why wait until the end to enjoy the fruits of your labors when you could be celebrating your little victories along the way?

  3. Give Give Give: If you are someone who spends less time supporting others but expects everyone to rescue you every time you hit an obstacle, don't be surprised when your allies begin to disappear. Similarly, if one of your allies is continuously reaching out for support and aren't turning up for you when you need it, you may need to find a new ally.

For greater detail, check out the video *below*

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